Resources by State

Resources by State – We have identified several good webpages that maintain lists of genealogy resources categorized by state.

We recommend starting with Lawson Research Services, LLC which has a robust listing of genealogy web based resources which are organized by state.  Once on their site, you will see they have a link for each state.

Another robust site is which has a webpage for each state and within each state has county level information.

Research at Local City and County OfficesThis page shows the type of information that is available at local city and county offices which include birth, marriage, divorce, tax, home ownership and death records. We present examples and give tips for navigating city and county offices. Use our visual access to find a local County office.

Research at Regional State Offices – State Archive websites can be a helpful source including details on what type of information is available and how to order records. Over the next few weeks we will be expanding our website with more insight into State Archive offices and until that work is completed we recommend you consider using this link to National Archives page for State Archives or this link to The Council of State Archivists which each have full listing of state and territorial archives and records programs.

 Volunteer Genealogy Look-ups – I have never tired this approach but GeneaSearch.Com has a listing by State of folks who have volunteered to do genealogy look-ups for free.