Newspaper: Historic Plain Dealer via CPL

Historic Plain Dealer Search via the Ohio Web library link

From the main menu select Newsbank (Ohio Newspapers). At this point you will be prompted for your Ohio library card and pin number.

At Newsbank you can get online access to several newspapers for current research.

Select Cleveland Plain Dealer Historic Newspaper where you can do full text digital search 1845 to 1991.

Once there you can search for someone’s name, be sure to use quotes around the first and last name i.e. “Alta Rockefeller”.  There is all kinds of interesting items available.  Old newspapers disclosed much more personal information that in today’s paper.  It was quite common to have home addresses listed in the paper.  As such it is always beneficial to search for the home address and see what you find.

For me, searching the digital newspaper by home address provided a meaningful lead in my search for my grandmother.  I search the address where she lived in 1934 and I found a Sophia living there with a last name that I did not recognize.  With this new tip, I researched that name and found out she had been divorced and re-married.  I had not expected her to have been divorced or re-married so I never researched those items.  As it turned out I was able to get a copy of the 12 page divorce records which gave all kinds of details and insights.   All of this would have been much more difficult to find if I had not conducted a street address search. If you search for a street address be sure to use quotes such as “1200 Main”.