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The WorldConnect Project brings together several resources including family tree information from GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunications) files with direct connections to resources available from

Fully Detailed Example for Alta Rockefeller

In our example below, we show how to conduct a name based search at WorldConnect and provide details of how you can further explore her background using the links to external providers.

Based on our earlier obituary research we know Alta Rockefeller passed away in 1962.

As such we will conduct a search based on three facts:

  1. First Name: Alta
  2. Last Name:Rockefeller
  3. Year of Death: 1962

TIP: SEARCHING BY DEATH YEAR In this example, I chose to search by Death Year as opposed to Birth Year, just as a reminder that it is worth independently searching using Birth and Death dates. From personal experience researching my great-grandmother and observing birth years that vary by as much as 10 years I have found that searching by year of death can be insightful.

STEP 1: Follow this link to launch the WorldConnect via search page which is a free service.  Once the page is open enter the three items from above.


After the data is entered press the Search button which will bring up the following results.  Since the Rockefeller’s are a well researched family you will see there are many different references that you can explore.  In all there were 65 different trees that include Alta.

While on the summary page please note the columns on the right hand side and in particular the one titled Database which information which identifies the source for that particular entry.


STEP 2:  RESEARCH HER FATHER: We are going to explore the first reference by clicking on her fathers name which brings up the following details.  Please keep in mind that each source (or database) is unique you will find different details behind each source.  As such, if you have hit a brick wall on a particular person it maybe worth  exploring each and every  occurrence.

worldconnect_John D Rockefeller summaryDepending on the  particular family tree you may  be able to  explore even further.  For example scroll down lower on the  John Davidson Rockefeller page and you will see links to his parents and some links to hints on

worldconnect_John D Rockefeller  father mother links

STEP 3 RESEACH ALTA’s CENSUS:  In this step we will explore census related information for Alta.  On the right hand side of the initial search results you will see three items shown below.

worldconnect_other matches

To launch a census search simply click on the word Census which launches a search on with the following results.


STEP 4 – Complete the research by searching by  clicking on Newspapers or Histories which each launch automatic searches for additional external information.