Kitchen and Garden

We have provided links to over 60 books covering kitchen gardening and cooking which were published between 1735 and 1918.

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1735 The gardeners dictionary: containing the methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit and flower garden – Volume 1

1735 The gardeners dictionary: containing the methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit and flower garden -Volume 2

1765 The gardeners kalendar : directing what works are necessary to be performed every month in the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure-gardens.

1802 The forcing, fruit, and kitchen gardener

1817 Apicius redivivus : or, The cook’s oracle: wherein especially the art of composing soups, sauces, and flavouring essences is made so clear and easy.

1822 The cook’s oracle : containing receipts for plain cookery on the most economical plan for private families.

1829 Apician morsels; or, Tales of the table, kitchen and larder

1829 The English gardener; or, A treatise on the situation, soil, enclosing and laying-out of kitchen gardens concluding with a kalendar.

1830 The cook’s oracle; and Housekeeper’s manual. Containing receipts for cookery, and directions for carving with a complete system of cookery for Catholic families.

1836 The kitchen garden; its arrangement and cultivation

1842 The suburban horticulturist; or, An attempt to teach the science and practice of the culture and management of the kitchen, fruit, & forcing garden.

1843 Hints to servants; being a poetical and modernised version of Dean Swift’s celebrated “Directions to servants”, in which something is added to the original text, but those passages are omitted which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a kitchen

1844 The kitchen and fruit gardener : a select manual of kitchen gardening, and culture of fruits.

1844 The kitchen gardener’s instructor : containing a catalogue of garden and herb seed, with practical directions.

1847 Family Kitchen Gardener: Containing Plans & Accurate Descriptions of All …

1851 The Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Garden

1851 The modern housewife, or, Ménagre. Comprising nearly one thousand receipts, for the economic and judicious preparation of every meal of the day.

1852 The illustrated London cookery book, containing upwards of fifteen hundred first-rate receipts selected with great care,.

1852 The New Hampshire kitchen, fruit, and floral gardener. By E. M. Tubbs.

1856 Cookery as it Should be: A New Manual of the Dining Room and Kitchen.

1856 The family kitchen gardener : containing plain and accurate descriptions of all the different species and varieties of culinary vegetables

1857 Gardening for the South: Or, The Kitchen and Fruit Garden.

1857 The gardener’s text-book: containing practical directions upon the formation and management of the kitchen garden;

1858 Christianity in the kitchen. A physiological cook-book

1865 What to do with the cold mutton : Together with many other approved receipts for the kitchen of a gentleman of moderate income

1868 Amateur cultivator’s guide to the flower and kitchen garden.

1869 The American Housewife and Kitchen Directory: Containing the Most Valuable …

1869 The kitchen companion, containing valuable recipes for ice creams, puddings, pies, cakes, blanc mange, custards, &c., &c., being and excellant guide to the housewife

1878 My summer in the kitchen

1878 The Kitchen Garden ; Or, Object Lessons in Household Work: Including Songs …

1879 Hand-book for the kitchen and housekeeper’s guide : containing household recipes of every description,.

1881 Children’s kitchen-garden book. Adapted from the original, with additional songs

1881 Culture and cooking; or : Art in the kitchen.

1881 Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen

1881 Margery Daw in the kitchen

1881 Sense in the kitchen—A guide to economical cooking

1883 Advanced lessons in kitchen garden

1884 Three meals a day; a diary for the kitchen, giving for every day of the year, according to seasons, a bill of fare for breakfast, dinner and supper

1885 The kitchen; or, Every-day cookery, containing many useful, practical directions, recipes, etc. … A companion volume to Rand, McNally & Co.’s Pocket cyclopedia

1886 A key to cooking : that will unlock many kitchen mysteries : wrought out and made ready for public use

1886 Gems for the kitchen

1887 Miss Parloa’s kitchen companion : a guide for all who would be good housekeepers

1888 How and what to grow in a kitchen garden of one acre

1888 The Ohio farmer’s home guide book : a complete manual of practical instruction in every department of household economy.

1894 Kitchen carols and games for girls

1894 The expert waitress; a manual for the pantry, kitchen, and dining-room

1896 Kitchen French; a dictionary of terms used in cookery

1899 A friend in the kitchen; or, What to cook and how to cook it ..

1900 Home pork making; a complete guide … in all that pertains to hog slaughtering, curing, preserving, and storing pork product–from scalding vat to kitchen table and dining room

1900 Leaves from our Tuscan kitchen; or, How to cook vegetables

1901 How to teach kitchen garden; or, Object lessons in household work, including songs, plays, exercises, and games illustrating household occupations

1902 Dining room and kitchen..

1905 The Model Kitchen

1905 The New England cook book. The latest and best methods for economy and luxury at home.

1906 German Cookery for the English Kitchen

1906 Monarch cook book; kitchen-tested recipes for everyday use

1912 The kitchen fire and how to run it. A manual for the housewife showing how to save coal, gas, labor and health

1912 The Mary Frances cook book; or, Adventures among the kitchen people

1915 The school kitchen textbook : lessons in cooking and domestic science for the use of elementary schools

1916 Round the year in the garden; a descriptive guide to the flowers of the four seasons, and to the work of each month in the flower, friut and kitchen garden

1916 The Fredericksburg home kitchen cook book

1918 Economy in the kitchen

1918 Mrs. Cora E. Hall’s key to cookery: a practical and up to date guide for the kitchen

1918 Wheatless recipes tested in the experimental kitchen of the Food administration