Military Records

Military record research has been bitter sweet for me.  I have found some interesting insightful information but also learned that many US military records were lost in a large fire.  Below are a few sites that will help you get started searching military records.


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United States Registers of Enlistment in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914

WW II Records at the National Archives

WW II Draft Records

WW II Other

Korean Conflict

Vietnam War


American Revolution



Civil War – If you want to search for a soldier in the Civil War try the National Park service web site which has a free database.

1907-1933 Veteran Pension Payment Cards – We have included links to all 2,539 rolls of Veterans Administration pension payment cards covering 1907-1933. The books are organized alphabetically so you can easily find the correct roll and then flip to the appropriate page.

1903 Confederate Soldier Records – We have links to the hand written card index of the compiled service records of the Confederate soldiers. Each card indicates the soldiers name, his rank and unit and in some cases includes a cross-reference for names that appear under more than one spelling.  A small portion of cards have additional information about their service. In all there are 535 rolls which are in alphabetical order and cover all states.

Civil War Colored Troops – We have gathered over 800 books related to Civil War Colored Troop military records.  While the books do not support text search, they are organized by branch of service and then alphabetically by name so you can flip to the appropriate section.

War of 1812 Pension Records – We have included links to all 102 volumes of the 1812 Pension Applications.  The books are in alphabetical order so you can relatively easily flip to the appropriate section.

War of 1812 Muster Rolls – We have identified several books that contain Muster rolls for the war of 1812-1814 and some include pay rolls.

Civil War Documents via Internet Archive – Internet Archive has an organized list of books covering the Civil War which are freely available.  The site is organized by Civil War topic and geographic location.  In our example we show how to quickly locate Civil War documents related to Ohio.

United States Revolution Military Pensions – We have gathered an interesting collection of books covering the Revolutionary War Military Pension lists and property rights for soldiers.   The books are fully searchable and freely available at no cost.

1767 to 1831 List of the general and field officers Great Britain – These 4 volumes cover soldiers of Great Britain and Ireland from 1767 to 1831 and contain names, ranks, regiments and in some cases dates of service.

Official Army Register for the United StatesWe have included links to over 100 volumes of the United States Army register covering a wide range of dates from as early as 1813 to 1969.  Most years are fully searchable, and some have alphabetical listings directly within the book.

1779 to 1900 list of Army officers United States – We have included several books published by William H Powell including list of Army Officers 1779 to 1900, record of living officers 1890, and Officers of the army and navy who served in the civil war.

1943 to 1949 Victory Discs (music) – Between 1943 and 1949 the government produced and distributed a series of 78 RPM records called Victory Discs to our troops who were in harm’s way.   I hope you enjoy listening to these freely available 9 discs which are filled with terrific music from that era.

Record of medals of honor issued 1862-1923 – This is a record of the enlisted men who have shed luster upon the service by upholding the honor of the flag in storm and battle, by their devotion to the country and to each other, and by their unselfishness in risking their own lives to save others.

A review of the military operations in North America – published in 1757 covers the commencement of the French hostilities on the frontiers of Virginia in 1753, to the surrender of Oswego in 1756.

Royal Air Force Monthly List of Officers 1919 to 1945 – We have included links to 68 issues of the Royal Air Force monthly list of officers covering 1919 to 1945.  Each volume has hundreds of pages detailing officers names, rank and unit.

Civil War Andersonville Prison – We identified over 80 books written between 1865 and 1921 that cover Andersonville Prison.  These cover a wide range of topics including details about life in the prison, lists of the soldiers who died and personal narratives.

West Point – Register of cadets admitted into the United States military academy, West Point, N.Y., from its establishment till 1880: with tables exhibiting the results of the examinations for admission and the corps to which the graduates have been promoted.