U.S. Civil War 1861 – 1865

Overview U.S. Civil War Era Records (and links to search) via FamilySearch.org



Civil War Documents via Internet Archive – Internet Archive has an organized list of books covering the Civil War which are freely available.  The site is organized by Civil War topic and geographic location.  In our example we show how to quickly locate Civil War documents related to Ohio.

Index to Confederate Soldier Records – We have links to the hand written card index of the compiled service records of the Confederate soldiers.  Each card indicates the soldiers name, his rank and unit and in some cases includes a cross-reference for names that appear under more than one spelling.  A small portion of cards have additional information about their service. In all there are 535 rolls which are in alphabetical order and cover all states.

Civil War Confederate Prisoners 1861 to 1865 – Links to all 145 reels of Civil War Confederate Prisoner records from 1861 to 1865 are included.  These are hand written documents and unfortunately there is not a single comprehensive index.  The volumes are broken into distinct sections which aid in your search.

Civil War Colored Troops – We have gathered over 800 books related to Civil War Colored Troop military records.  While the books do not support text search, they are organized by branch of service and then alphabetically by name so you can flip to the appropriate section.

Civil War Andersonville Prison – We identified over 80 books written between 1865 and 1921 that cover Andersonville Prison.  These cover a wide range of topics including details about life in the prison, lists of the soldiers who died and personal narratives.