thirteen days at the start of wold war I

[ digital copy ] [ text copy ]  Published 1915 The thirteen days, July 23-August 4, 1914; a chronicle and interpretation of the intital days of World War I.

Austrian Ultimatum to the Serbian Reply. (July 23-5.)

Declaration of War on Serbia to the War Council at Potsdam. (July 28 and 29.)Council to Germany’s Declaration of War on Russia. (July 30 to August i.)Declaration of War on Russia to Britain’s Declaration of War on Germany. (August 2-4.)


the war album deluxe with picture

Published between 1915 and 1919 The war Illustrated Album de Luxe is a 10 volume edition that covers the story of the great European War I told by camera, pen and pencil.  Each volume has over 1,000 images.


pictorial history of the great war

[ digital copy ] [ text copy ]  Published 1919 the Pictorial History of the Great War covers World War I and is filled with interesting images.