Mirror Sixteen

Mirror 16 Dingy


I am research Mirror 16’s and gathering documents and insight from a variety of sources.

My father built Mirror 16 #366 when I was quite young and from that day forward sailing was part of our family.

I am hoping to build a new Mirror 16 from scratch and have started documenting the required hardware and rigging.

To view our preliminary PDF version of the modern 2016 hardware list follow the link or click the photo below.

Link to April 2016 DRAFT PDF of Mirror 16 Hardware:

rebuild mirror 16 cover picture


Thanks to those who have provided feedback on this preliminary version.  Please feel free to email additional feedback and comments to the email which is shown on the document.  Many Thanks


Thanks to Paul from Ontario Canada who lent me his original Mirror 16 building instruction we know have a scanned copy.  See link below.

Link to Scanned Copy of Mirror 16 Building Instructions



Background:  Mirror 16 was a kit boat (build at home) popular in mid-1960’s

There are very limited resources available documenting the construction of the Mirror 16.  The plans and templates are long gone.  A few individuals have been focused on Mirror 16 and I gathered these photos and made observations based on their notes.  Many thanks to them for their efforts.  Much appreciated.

For direct access to their photos and notes see: