Old Cookbooks

For an interesting diversion from genealogy research you may enjoy seeing some old cook books which also give you a glimpse into what daily life was like.

1732 The compleat city and country cook, or, Accomplish’d housewife

1776 The professed cook; or, The modern art of cookery, pastry, and confectionary

1802 The frugal housewife: or, complete woman cook.

1820 The practice of cookery, pastry, confectionary, pickling, preserving, & pastry

1823 The cook and housekeeper’s complete and universal dictionary

1829 The French cook

1830 Seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats

1832 The cook’s own book : being a complete culinary encyclopedia

1836 The Virginia housewife: : or, Methodical cook

1846 The complete confectioner, pastry-cook, and baker. Plain and practical direction

1846 The complete cook. Plain and practical directions for cooking and housekeeping;

1850 Miss Leslie’s lady’s new receipt-book : a useful guide for large or small familiy

1854 The cook’s own book, and housekeeper’s register. Being receipts for cooking

1856 What I know; or, Hints on the daily duties of a housekeeper.

1856 Widdifield’s new cook book: or, Practical receipts for the house-wife.

1857 English bread-book for domestic use, adapted to families of every grade

1864 The complete confectioner, pastry-cook, and baker : plain and practical

1867 Six hundred receipts, worth their weight in gold

1867 The family save-all. : Supplying excellent dishes for breakfast, dinner and tea

1872 The Appledore cook book: containing practical receipts for plain and rich cooking

1873 Miss Beecher’s housekeeper and healthkeeper: containing five hundred recipes

1873 Motherly talks with young housekeepers : embracing eighty-seven brief articles

1875 “The eclipse,” for hotel and home cooking

1875 A choice fragment of what mother-in-law knows about cooking; Many a dime saved

1878 The lakeside cook book no. 2; a manual of recipes for cooking, pickling.

1881 What Mrs. Fisher knows about old southern cooking, soups, pickles, preserves.

1882 Soup and soup making

1883 Colorado cook book

1883 Indianapolis cook book

1884 Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston cook book : what to do and what not to do in cooking

1884 Vegetables and vegetable cooking

1887 Canning and preserving

1889 Puddings and Pastry à la Mode

1891 The everyday cook and recipe book : containing more than two thousand practical

1891 The White House cook book : cooking, toilet and household recipes, menus, dinner

1892 One hundred ways of cooking eggs

1896 The fat of the land and how to live on it. Special chapters on nuts and vegetables

1900 Austrian cooking

1900 Italian cooking

1900 The cottage cook book

1901 300 ways to cook and serve shell fish

1902 Left-overs Made Palatable: How to Cook Odds and Ends of Food Into Appetizing

1903 Cooking in old Créole days. La cuisine créole aÌ€ l’usage des petits ménag

1904 German national cookery for American kitchens : a practical book of the art

1905 Ornamental confectionery and the art of baking in all its branches

1908 French household cooking : with a number of recipes from the best Paris chefs

1908 How to cook fish

1909 The Mendelssohn club cook book. This book contains 1394 valuable receipts

1910 The peerless pastry book containing recipes for baking and pastry work ..

1910 The Picayune’s Creole cook book

1912 Soyer’s standard cookery; a complete guide to the art of cooking dainty, varied

1913 Bread and pastry recipes of the world famous chefs, United States, Canada, Europe

1914 Soups and consommes of the world famous chefs, United States, Canada, Europe

1915 Bread making and bread baking

1915 Canning, preserving and jelly making

1918 Everywomans canning book; the A B C of safe home canning and preserving

1922 The art of German cooking and baking