Genealogical Research Methods 1960

“The history of a family is one continuous adventure. If properly investigated, it is not a mere record of births, marriages, and deaths. A published genealogy that contains only vital statistics makes dull reading indeed. But letters, diaries, memoirs court records, etc., clothe the bones with flesh and blood, revivify them, and make our long-dead ancestors distinct personalities.”  (source page 10)

“TRADITION AND FAMILY HISTORY – Tradition is a chronic deceiver, and those who put faith in it are self-deceivers. This is not to say that tradition is invariably false. Sometimes a modicum of fact lies almost hidden at its base. The probability of its falsehood increases in geometric ratio as the lineage claimed increases in grandeur.  It is natural for people to feel that a special sanctity inheres in the traditions of their own family. To doubt them is to doubt the veracity of their parents and grandparents. The genealogist should therefore be gentle and tactful when his investigations run counter to the cherished traditions.” (source page 13)

The observations from the author hold true today.

This 450 page book published by the American Society of Genealogists has chapters covering General Considerations, Materials For Research, Genealogical Research, Regional Genealogy and Pre-American Ancestry.

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