Index of Wills Canterbury England 1383 to 1700

We have included links to all 10 volumes of the Index of Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury England spanning 1383 to 1700.


1383-1558 vol i Digital Copy
1383-1558 vol ii Digital Copy
1558-1583 vol iii Digital Copy
1584-1604 vol IV Digital Copy
1605-1619 vol v Digital Copy
1620-1619 vol vi Digital Copy
1657-1660 vol viii Digital Copy
1671-1675 vil ix Digital Copy
1686-1693 vol xi Digital Copy
1694-1700 vol xii Digital Copy


1383-1558 vol i Full Text Copy
1383-1558 vol ii Full Text Copy
1558-1583 vol iii Full Text Copy
1584-1604 vol IV Full Text Copy
1605-1619 vol v Full Text Copy
1620-1619 vol vi Full Text Copy
1657-1660 vol viii Full Text Copy
1671-1675 vil ix Full Text Copy
1686-1693 vol xi Full Text Copy
1694-1700 vol xii Full Text Copy

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