Census (USA)

Census records are easily accessible via the internet and can be a foundational part of your genealogy research. Produced each 10 years they provide a periodic glimpse into the members of each household.
There is a wealth of information available on the internet covering the different census years and the varying amount of details shown on the different census. As such we will not attempt to cover that aspect but rather jump right into the overview of how you can conduct your first search today right now.

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The first set of links below are sites that allow you to search by first and last name.  The last section includes sites that allow you to seach by street address and enumerated distict.

Census via FamilySearch (Free)

Census via SteveMorse.org

Census via Mocavo (Premium site)

Census via Ancestry (Premium site – Free at many Libraries)

Census via Fold3 (Premium site – Free at many Libraries)


Enumeration District – Census via SteveMorse.org (Free)

Enumeration District – Census via Archives.gov (Free)