Visual Access Online Resources

At some point in your research you will need to use local resources to get close to information which is not available through the primary genealogy service providers.

To help you find your way to local resources we have identified thousands of resources that have a web page which will allow you to quickly connect with a local expert.   With this site, within moments you can be viewing a local library or historical webpage.  With that jump-off point you can be on your way connected to the local experts

Libraries – Local and regional libraries are an incredible source for genealogy related information.  They may have the information in bound, printed form or on microfilm. Often they will also have detailed information of where to find information outside of the library at the local city or county offices.

Genealogy and Historical Societies – These are the true experts in local genealogy related matters.  In some cases they will have information unavailable anywhere else, and should have keen insight into finding useful information for their particular location.

City & County Offices – Certain documents such as marriage licenses and divorce documents are typically available from the local city or county office.