Census: Example via HeritageQuest

Heritage Quest Online is a premium pay-for-service site but is commonly available at no cost using a public library card.  In Cleveland it is available through either the Cleveland Library website or the CLEVNET link shown below.  In both cases you will need both a library card and the pin number.

A full description of resources available at Heritage Quest is available at the link below.


The instructions to gain access to library resources remotely can be a little tricky but investing a small amount of time to  learn what is there and how to gain access will pay many dividends.

One approach to gain access is via the Cleveland Public Library link.


Once there, select “Research” then “Research Databases”.   Then scroll down and it will bring up the CLEVNET screen where you will input the library card number and pin.

The CLEVNET link shown below is the most direct approach and eliminates two steps compared to using  Cleveland Library website.


You can not go directly to the HeritageQuestOnline website and gain access with your library card.  You must enter via a library connection.

Census Search on Heritage Quest

The HeritageQuest census search screen defaults to the basic search.

Which produces the following abbreviated summary of results.  Unlike other products which immediately present you with a long list of results, Heritage Quest first presents you a summary.

From the summary page we can see there is one result for 1880 census.  Clicking on that link brings up the detailed information. From there you can click on the name and see an image of the census page.

I would recommend using the advance features shown below.

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Heritage Quest search is far from perfect. We know of certain census pages available via Ancestry.com which we cannot be found using Heritage.  It is always best to run the same census request under multiple websites because the search results will vary.